Sugar Dating – What The French Can Teach You About Sugar

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If there’s one country where sugar relationships rule the norm, it is France. In the land of lovers, the French are not strangers to sugar relationships and thus would provide some “jolie” sugar dating tips.

Francois Hollande, the current President of France himself is a sugar daddy, and the previous president Nicolas Sarkozy married his sugar baby, model Carla Bruni.

Other French celebrity sugar daddies included actors like Gerard Depardieu and Jean Reno.

With sugar relationships as common as baguette in France, then there are lessons we can learn from them, oui?


The French Are Very Open

In France, the French are not ashamed about relationships and that includes sugar relationships. The French are critical-thinkers, which leads to a more honest view on relationships.

The concept of shame aka “la honte” does not apply to relationships: If you have them, you have them.

It’s not that bad to admit that you are a sugar daddy, especially if you’re single. After all, President Hollande is still running the country even after the sex scandal with his “sugar baby” Julie Gayet.


The Benefits

In fact, Sugar relationships benefits sugar babies, a lot. In terms of financial and social benefits, sugar relationships are beneficial to growing your career in France.

Take for example, Carla Bruni aka the wife too former President Nicolas Sarkozy. Her entire modeling and singing careers were aided by her being a sugar baby to the likes of Mick Jagger, Donald Trump and Eric Clapton, eventually settling in with her sugar daddy, former President Sarkozy.

If anything, French women believe in using sugar relationship status as opportunities to further their careers and financial status. If the French can do it, then you can too.


Necessity For Wealth

And of course, Sugar relationships are essential to wealth. Historically, some of the most famous personalities in French history have a case of sugar.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife, Josephine de Beauharnais dated and married Napoleon under a wealthy obligation (Her father even owned a sugar plantation, making her a literal “sugar baby”).

The most famous songstress in France, the late Edith Piaf was a sugar mommy late in her life, having dated a Greek actor 20 years younger than her.

Just like the Sarkozies and Hollandes of today, a sugar relationship has been a historical value to status of wealth and luxury in France.

If anything, if we’re all rich, then we should all have a sugar relationship too. Like the French, a sugar relationship should be essential to your wealth and status.


Before we end..

What did we learn about sugar relationships from the French? If anything, the French value sugar relationships as a beneficial partnerships that should be treated with respect and has historical value that should be essential to the growth of wealth, career and character.

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Title: Sugar Dating – What The French Can Teach You About Sugar