There’s more to life than marriage.

It’s great to get married, and marriage is an institution that’s been going on for thousands of years.

However, the foundations of marriage have been shaken by divorces and alimonies that are affecting how people perceive marriage.But here’s another perspective;

Why go for marriage when you can go for a much better, sweeter arrangement? A sugar relationship can result in marriage, but does it need to be a marriage?

A sugar relationship can pretty much be either something like a cohabitanional relationship or even a long-distance relationship instead and the results of that are financially sound compared to a marriage.

Do you fear alimony?

Do you believe that marriage is just a “word” than a sacred institution? Then yes, you would want something sweeter than marriage, right?

A recent survey believes that 75% of divorces come from cheating. That’s a worrying statistic, and with divorce rates rising worldwide, it’s questioning our beliefs in traditional marriage.

If anything, that reinforces the unnecessary need for the importance of marriage. At its most volatile state, wouldn’t now be the best time to consider alternative and sweeter forms of relationships?

Challenging Norms

Why should all relationships be bound to a traditional yet fragile system of commitment? Shouldn’t there be sugary solutions to the various problems of marriage that will help strengthen not only sugar relationships, but also relationships in general?

Regardless of religion and culture, eventually society will consider that marriage might result in a burden and might be seen as pointless or redundant in the near future.

As mentioned previous, there’s two sugary alternatives to marriage. For example: Cohabitation (aka the act of living together without the need for marriage.) If you watched the show “Californication”, David Duchovny lives a comfortable cohabitational relationship and even has a daughter with his girlfriend.

That fits well with a sugary relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby. In fact, Cohabitation serves as an easy reminder that relationships don’t need to be justified by a piece of paper. They can be justified by a display of life, love and luxury.

A long distance relationship

Another benefit to being in a sugar relationship is a long-distance relationship in place of settling in a marriage. This is a very ambitious situation for many sugar babies who are looking into having a sugar daddy or sugar mommy who wants to utilize their sugar status for overseas ambitions.

For example, a long distance sugar relationship allows sugar babies to do studies overseas while the sugar daddy or sugar mommy does their business their business at home or anywhere else really.

You as a sugar baby get to finish your studies at Yale or Oxford, while your beloved sugar daddy or mommy will be sailing somewhere nice in Italy. Sounds like a deal right?

We at are not suggesting abandoning marriage completely, but we are considering a much better arrangement available out there.

If it’s safer and more financial secure to go for a sugar relationship instead of marriage, then why not.