6 tips on how to be a Sugar Baby

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you’ll always (intentionally) come across that girl you secretly hate who seems to have it all – she’s the girl who’s always travelling around the world in first class, always keeping up with the latest trends and owning every designer bags you can think of.

All you can do is just look at your long wishlist of things and places you can’t afford and think to yourself how the hell can she do it?

When you have a taste for the finer things in life but your bank account and credit cards have given up on you, you can either look for a boring 9 to 5 office job or be a sugar baby that requires no commitment and no broken hearts, all you need to do is be prepared for all the fun and exciting experiences waiting ahead of you!

Here are 6 golden tips for you to kickstart your sugary lifestyle that will definitely help leave a memorable impression for your sugar daddies or sugar mommas:

Know what you’re getting yourself into as a sugar baby

In case you’re new to the sweet life, your role as a Sugar Baby is to provide companionship in exchange for being pampered.

Before you start soul searching, know this, being a sugar baby is not a job, it is a choice and a lifestyle where people with power, ambitions and desires meet each other to establish Relationships with Benefits.

There is nothing wrong with a charming and intelligent woman wanting to date a mature and financially secure man who is able to provide her the sweet life she desires.

Remember: You are not obligated to have sex with your sugar daddy and it is perfectly fine if you don’t want to. Sex is never a requirement, just an aspiration.

Be transparent and specific with your terms

Time is money for the wealthy sugar daddies and there’s definitely nothing to gain if you beat around the bush.

Be specifically direct and honest about what you’re looking for in a sugar relationship and what you expect in terms of receiving an allowance, paying for your college tuition, getting you a new bag or a new car, paying your bills, etc.

As a SugarBaby, it is important to communicate with your sugar daddy regarding your availability and don’t be afraid to address your limits and discuss about your dealbreakers.

When coming to an agreement with your sugar daddy, be sure that both parties are able to meet the requirements specified and both parties are willing to stick to the terms at all times.

Your appearance is your greatest asset

Forget about what your mom told you when you were young, looks matter A LOT. Let’s face it, the hotter you are, the more sugar you attract.

Sugar daddies love to show off their young and attractive sugar baby to their friends and business partners in parties and social events.

Get out the armory of sunscreen and Botox; invest everything you have in your appearance. Go to the gym like it’s your job – because looking good IS your job. It is your responsibility as a SugarBaby to boost your SugarDaddies’ ego and self-esteem by looking presentable at all times.

Need I say more?

Respect your sugar daddies’ privacy

Discretion is the number one key to a drama-free sugar relationship. SugarDaddies are wealthy, powerful men and well-respected public figures who usually prefer keeping a low profile regarding their sugar lifestyle.

To avoid unnecessary drama (like losing your sugar daddies), never post photos of them on your social media or discuss the details of your sugar relationship with anyone else. Just like a normal relationship, it is always best to respect your partner and keep things private between the both of you. 

Always remember, a little mystery goes a long way!

Stay away from salt daddies

A salt daddy is a man who’s unwilling to spoil and pamper his sugar babies but pretends to be a generous sugar daddy and has convinced himself that he’s somehow worthy of the sugar babies’ attention.

Often preying on inexperienced and naive sugar babies, their words are filled with nothing but lies and empty promises.  Remember, you’re a sugar baby, not a girlfriend, not a hookup, not a booty call.

There is NO intimacy without the allowance first.  NO promises, NO “trust me”s. NO excuses. Never allow a salt daddy to have the chance to get a test drive, a free ride, or a sexual “chemistry check” before you talk terms and get what you’re owed.

I cannot stress this enough, never ever waste your time to entertain salt daddies who will only take advantage of you. These salty men wants to get sugar without giving any in return and that’s not what we do here, honey.

A good way to find out if you could potentially be dealing with a salt daddy is to gauge his reactions or responses to your requests. If he won’t even talk about what you need until he gets what he wants, blacklist him and move on.

Always have a backup plan

Always keep in mind that your sugar relationship can end anytime and the allowance you’re getting is never permanent. Avoid overspending the money your sugar daddies gave you and keep some for the bank, it is also never wise to solely rely on one sugar daddy as your main source of income.

Be the strong, smart, independent woman that you are and always have a backup plan.

You can either use the connection your former sugar daddies have to expand your social network and start a business of your own or you can always use your charm and beauty to find another sugar daddy. 

Either way, you’ll never be afraid of being ugly and broke again. Have fun sugaring, ladies @ TheSugarBook.com

Title: 6 tips on how to be a Sugar Baby